Collaborative Health Systems (CHS) is dedicated to working in partnership with primary care physicians and their clinical colleagues, and helping them to remain independent as the world of healthcare changes. We collaborate with physicians to help them transform to “fee-for-value” payment models. Our goal: Enable our partners to grow and diversify their revenue streams while elevating the quality and experience of healthcare delivered to patients.

Driving Success for our Provider Partners

For more than 15 years, we have been on the forefront of developing fee-for-value risk arrangements with physicians, helping them shift the way they deliver care for the benefit of their patients, their bottom line and the healthcare system. Working closely with our partners, we apply our expertise to value-based models across the risk spectrum: from Medicare Shared Savings Program ACOs and Next Generation ACOs, to Independent Physician Associations (IPA) and Medicare Advantage plans.

Flexible, scalable practice models for the 21st century physician

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