Independent Physician Associations (IPAs) and Commercial ACO Arrangements

IPAs allow independent providers to enjoy the leverage that larger practices enjoy while remaining independent. Through an IPA, providers are able to:

  • Negotiate preferable fee-for-service rates and terms for gain sharing.
  • Experience financial savings that come from strength in numbers, such as group purchasing for supplies and liability insurance.

IPAs are ideal for providers who are currently in an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) and want additional revenue. They are excellent for providers who are not in an ACO but want to take part in the benefits of value-based healthcare contracting.

CHS also provides capital, value-based care expertise and capabilities, and contract negotiation expertise.

Chesapeake and Dominion Independent Physician Associations

Chesapeake IPA (Maryland) and Dominion IPA (Virginia) are among the very first state-wide physician-led Independent Physician Associations (IPAs) to focus on value-based healthcare. Initiated by Medicare ACO physicians and sponsored by their partner, Collaborative Health Systems, Chesapeake IPA and Dominion IPA are focused on helping participating physicians apply population health know-how, tools and services to improve patient health care and deliver value-based contracts with commercial and public payers. They also offer traditional benefits, such as rates contracting and group purchasing.

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