The future of healthcare reimbursement lies in fee-for-value, pay-for-performance government and commercial contracts. Already the nation’s largest and most successful sponsor of Medicare ACOs, CHS is perfectly positioned to help commercial health plans access networks of physicians fully prepared to enter into value-based contracts.

Physicians of "Value"

CHS, a WellCare company, has close relationships with more than 4,200 high-performing physicians, mostly Primary Care Physicians, through our network of two Next Generation ACO Model ACOs and 16 Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) ACOs in 10 states throughout the country.

CHS works with these provider partners to help them form or expand existing Independent Physician Associations (IPAs) focused on advanced chronic illness management and population-based healthcare.

These IPA member physicians are skilled and eager to engage in risk arrangements with commercial payers.

A Track Record of Success in Quality Management and Reporting

CHS has a proven track record helping physicians transform their practices to improve quality of care and efficiency.

We educate physicians and practice managers, provide them with proprietary data and analytics capabilities and care coordination resources, helping them transform into effective risk managers for their practices.

80% of CHS ACOs had a reduction in hospitalizations per thousand beneficiaries since launch.

85% of CHS ACOs scored in the top 10% for avoiding unnecessary readmissions in 2015.

90% of CHS ACOs had an increase in visits to providers within 30-days of hospital discharge since launch.

Your Partner in Value-Based Care

CHS is poised for growth, with capital backing and established infrastructure to grow with you as you seek out value-based contract partners in markets throughout the country.

Contact us at to learn more about how Collaborative Health Systems can work with your health plan and physicians in value-based care.