What Makes CHS Unique

As an early adopter of the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) and the largest sponsor of MSSP ACOs, CHS’ experience is unduplicated. Our physician-constructed model is scalable and works across all payer relationships, so we can find the solution right for every practice. We invite you to read more.

Focus on Transforming the Physician-Patient Relationship

Fundamental to practice change is transforming and strengthening the critical physician-patient bond. CHS provides localized care teams to act as an extension of the practice. We guide doctors and staff to proactively engage with patients so their conditions are better managed and they stay healthier, longer.

100% of CHS’s Medicare ACOs saw reduced hospitalizations for beneficiaries.


CHS’ business model is physician-constructed and builds from our extensive experience partnering with physician groups for more than two decades. We understand that risk-based contracts are new territory for many providers and we leverage our deep experience to help them implement value-based care models that will work best for them and the communities they serve, regardless of their current capabilities.

National Scale and Local Flexibility

CHS strikes the right balance between local variations and national trends. CHS is the largest operator of Medicare Shared Savings Accountable Care Organizations. This provides a lab-like environment enabling us to quickly identify best practices and customize local-market solutions for partners. And while the scale of our intellectual property is unmatched in our space, we respect that no one knows individual communities as well as the physicians who serve them. It is through collaborating with physicians that our system-wide insight is applied to best fit their local market.

Actionable Data and Insights

While technology and data alone can’t drive improved outcomes, they are the critical underpinnings of a successful strategy for change. CHS’ proprietary suite of tools, built from partnerships with leading data scientists and healthcare data-driven organizations, transform complex data into meaningful, actionable insights. These insights help doctors improve care quality by identifying and managing:

  • at-risk individuals, who may be advancing toward chronic conditions
  • individuals who frequent the emergency room rather than seeking primary care
  • individuals who aren’t taking a proactive, preventive approach to their health annually
  • individuals who drop out of sight, or fail to return, who should be a continued focus of the physician as a part of his or her community
  • specialists and hospitals in the referral network that provide effective, cost-efficient care

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Flexible, scalable practice models for the 21st century physician

See how we are achieving measurable results with our innovative physician partners

of CHS ACOs had a reduction in hospitalizations per thousand beneficiaries since launch.
of CHS ACOs scored in the top 10% of all Medicare ACOs for avoiding unnecessary readmissions in 2015.
of CHS ACOs had an increase in visits to providers within 30 days of hospital discharge since launch.