Value-Based Care Is Ambitious and Necessary

Healthcare costs are rising and demand for care is outstripping supply. In response, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and commercial payers, have adopted value-based care models that reward providers for health outcomes as opposed to the volume of tests or services they complete.

Collaborative Health Systems (CHS) helps providers retool their practices so they can thrive, not just survive, in this new healthcare model.

Primary Care Physicians Are at the Heart of Value-Based Care

Our core belief is that Primary Care Physicians are in the best position to influence the quality and cost of healthcare. Our research shows almost half of patients don’t return to their Primary Care Physician (PCP); even fewer know who their PCP is. Coordinating care is hard work that requires closer relationships with patients, more sophisticated use of data, more outreach to other providers in the system, and more attention to quality measures.

Over 100 million Americans: 1/3 of us depends on medicare & medicaid.

Helping Physicians Succeed in Value-Based Care

Primary Care Physicians want to reignite a passion for medicine that got lost in back-to-back, 20-minute patient visits. They want to influence health. They want to fully engage with people in their care and focus on their overall wellness.

Collaborative Health Systems is a management services organization that helps independent physicians transform their practice culture and operations to become practitioners in the new value-based care environment. Learn why physicians join us.

Flexible, scalable practice models for the 21st century physician

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