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We’re helping thousands of community physicians maintain independence as they position themselves for success in a shifting healthcare landscape.

Our collaborative approach ensures our physician partners have resources, expertise, support and guidance in the areas that make value-based care work—from population health analytics to clinical care coordination to patient engagement to back office management. We work day in and day out with doctors to make the culture changes necessary to practice in the new paradigm.

Our relationship with CHS was a learning one - no one has all the answers but working on things together in the right spirit helped build credibility & trust.

What Doctors Say about CHS

“The structure of our deal with CHS was paramount; it was well capitalized and they had experience as an MSO with an outstanding managed care market in Houston. Our relationship has been successful in many ways, for example the implementation of the care coordination team has helped us interact with the sickest patients and even find additional opportunities to serve patients in ways they don’t even know they can be served.”

– Dr. Stephen S., ACO Medical Director


“Managing population health is hard work and we’re already working pretty hard. CHS helped us defray the financial risk and applied their business experience as an MSO to reduce the additional work/stress on our doctors. Our relationship with CHS was a learning one.No one has all the answers but working on things together in the right spirit helped build credibility and trust.”
– Dr. Joseph S., ACO Medical Director


“Our practice had to undergo a massive cultural shift. Through our relationship with CHS we have the ability to tap into a shared knowledge base and talk with like-minded physicians who are also embracing the change. It’s not just about proactive patients getting comprehensive care, we’re focused on getting everyone in.”
– Dr. Rosie S., ACO Physician Participant


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